Dr. Neelam Himthani is the founder of Smile n Smile Naturals, a brand that emerged from Dr. Neelam's desire to maintain a healthy skin without using unwanted-harsh chemicals. No doubt, a drug taken to treat one disease may cause many harmful side effects. No doubt the disease is getting cured but we have to endure the side effects. That's when Dr. Neelam thought that the same would be applicable to the skin & hair care products that she has been using for years. Could dryness, itchiness, rashes, breakouts be the side effect of the ingredients in those products? How can she keep a check on the side effects? After extensively researching on the ingredients in commercial skin hair care products and also the benefits of natural products, she decided to make her own products with natural ingredients and even received training from veterans in this field. Initially she only made products for her own consumption. Soon the word spread and her family, friends and neighbours started using her products. This encouraged Dr. Neelam to launch Smile n Smile Naturals to help people get access to handcrafted, natural, harmless skin & hair care products. Her mantra is that when there are natural ways to feel beautiful why force harsh chemicals on your delicate skin. Nature provides us with wonderful creations and we can use them in different ways for a beautiful and healthy skin.

      Smile n Smile Naturals products contain no alcohol, no sulfates, no artificial fragrances and no parabens that are easily absorbed by the skin and into the bloodstream. There are also options available for vegan, 100% Natural products. There are products for babies and people with sensitive skin as well. There is something for everyone in the family!

      Along with running Smile n Smile Naturals, Dr. Neelam is a dentist as well by profession. She is an avid traveller and loves meeting people. She believes that these experiences have helped her understand the different requirements of people and cater to their needs by introducing a variety of products. "Going completely natural may prove to be a little difficult initially, especially for the younger generation, which has been used to products with strong lingering fragrances, thick consistencies and luxurious lather. In many cases our skin/hair may take time to even accept natural products. However, the benefits and satisfaction derived from guilt free indulgence in natural products is totally worth it! Moreover, many of these products have therapeutic properties and their benefit to our body and mind is definitely a big plus." Below notes directly from Dr. Neelam:

  Hi all my beautiful and loving clients. First of all very much thank you for all your support and awesome response. And hearty thanks to believe on me, my products and providing your valuable feedback. It means a lot to me! My purpose is not to sell for earnings or making money... By God's grace, I am independent enough and always Thank God for His blessings and grace for whatever He has given to me! I really care for you and want each of my clients look smart and feel smarter. Your satisfaction, happiness and smile on ur face is the real asset for me and my ultimate aim... You are not only my clients, but a part of my family so I do really care for you all. You mean a lot to me. This is the reason why I am providing all these natural products at a very nominal cost.. Where my profit is almost negligible. You can easily compare the quality and price with other brands available in market. And you yourself will feel the difference. Again I would like to mention that, I am not going to gain any huge profit from anyone.. Its a love filled service for all of clients. Thanks for all your love, support and feedback. Please keep sharing. It will allow me to make even more useful products and bring smile on your face... ever... forever...