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Orange Peel Soap


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Brand: Smile-n-Smile

Size: large

Benefits and Usage:

Camel milk is mainly known for its moisturizing effects on the skin. The natural moisturizing properties in camel milk have a soothing and calming effect on your skin. Camel milk also contains a high degree of skin friendly elements that are not found in cow milk and helps to keep your face wrinkle free.

It also offers natural protection against the sun and damaging UV rays, it also repairs damaged cells. Fatty acids in camel milk help to build a lipid barrier from bacteria. Orange peals when applied to skin, they also work as a toner, removing dead cells and dirt and tightening pores.

Additionally, the calcium in orange peels contributes to anti-oxidant production, which makes dull skin healthy and glowing.

Bergamot's relieves redness, itching, and swelling.


With the goodness orange extract, goat milk, orange essential oil, fragrance & many other essential oils