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Brand: Smile-n-Smile

Size: 50 gms

Benefits and Usage:

Instant one pot facial is hereā€¦šŸ˜˜ hello i am a beautiful facial pot i can give instant glow to the skinā€¦nourishes the skin, moisturize also. The beautiful formula will do all the steps of facial.. cleansing, scrubbing,massaging & tightening, moisturising &hydrating.

USAGES:-Take just little amount of this & activate it with warm water to make a creamy texture massage it for 1 min & then apply it for 15 mins &you are done with beautiful glow & skin. thanks to facial jar.šŸ’Æ %natural ingredientsā€¦ this is best for oily & acne prone skin.    


Ingredients :- bamboo charcoal , willow bark , matcha green tea, aloevera,  vitamine b3,coconutpowder,colloidal oatmeal, gerranium essential oil.