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Pigmentation Cream


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Brand: Smile-n-Smile

Size: 60 gms 10 gms

Benifits and Usage:

Skin pigmentation affects the skin colour, most of the time creating dark patches on the skin.
Our pigmentation cream gives you the perfect skin tone, ever-lasting youth and that flawless skin.

You must use our purely natural pigmentation cream if you have:
1. Visible uneven skin patches
2. Dull Skin
3. Allergic reactions
4. Dark patches
5. Skin loses its radiance
6. The skin looks aged

If your skin is very sensitive, especially that of our face. It is not a good idea to experiment with your skin. Just consult us and start using our pigmentation cream


We add glycerine, jojoba oil, shea butter, alovera gel, vitamin b3, vitamin e, many essence oil and fragrance